Repertoire Marimba Chamber Music

  • Abe, Keiko

    Wind across Mountains II - for two marimbas
    Wind in the Bamboo Grove II - for two marimbas

  • Aguirre, Pablo

    Estudio Porteño - for marimba and string quartet or piano

  • Hoag, Charles

    Cicada Songs - for marimba, clarinet and mixed choir

  • Ignatowicz, Anna

    Passacaglia - for marimba and vibes

  • Koppel, Anders

    Toccata - for marimba and vibes

  • Lansky, Paul

    Travel Diary - for two percussionists

  • O`Meara, Rich

    Wooden Music - for two marimbas

  • O`Meara, Rich

    Wooden Music - for two marimbas

  • Pawassar, Rüdiger

    Sculpture 3 - for three marimbas

  • Rosauro, Ney G.

    Brazilian Fantasy - for two marimbas (original) or marimba and organ (arr. by M. Leuenberger and Y. Masaki)

  • Séjourné, Emmanuel

    Losa - for marimba and vibes

  • Takemitsu, Tōru

    Rain Tree - for three percussionists

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