The Artist

Manuel Andrea is a young artist with an instrument almost as young as himself. The Marimba has indeed in Central and South American countries, in parts of Africa and in Japan a long tradition of playing, but in the western world this instrument is not yet widely known. Moreover, the way of playing the Marimba in the Western concert halls differs clearly from the traditional ways of playing this instrument.

The goal of Manuel Andrea is to introduce this fascinating instrument to a wide audience – as a soloist as well as a chamber musician. Since June 2012 he is an official "Marimba One Discovery Artist": Profile Marimba One

Contemporary composers have utilized the unique sound of the marimba more and more in recent years. Manuel Andrea enriches the repertoire with his own compositional work as well. In May 2012, his first composition "Anna" for Marimba Solo has been published by innovative Danish "Edition Svitzer": Edition Svitzer

Next concert

Jul. 6th 2018

Early Morning Concert in Wetzikon

As a trio with Marimba, Guitar and Clarinet, we`ll welcome a new day and you, dear music lover, with our arrangements of some quite famous movie soundtracks. 

With me will be playing;

Gabriela Meier - Guitar

Carmen Berger - Clarinet


Manuel Leuenberger